Baekjo Ilson Grave

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Chinese Characters 百祖一孫의 墓
Field History / Modern ∙ Contemporary
Type Relic/ Tomb
Area Sangmo-ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province
Period Modern/ Contemporary
Writer Kim Yongcheol

    [Detail Information]

    Establishment Period/Date May 18, 1956연표보기 - Establishment of the Baekjo Ilson Grave
    Related Matters Period/Date August 20, 1950 - Massacre of civilians who were under preventive custody at the Seotal Oreum in Sangmo-ri, Deajeong-eup
    Related Matters Period/Date May 8, 1959연표보기 - Establishment of a memorial monument for the Baekjo Ilson Grave
    Related Matters Period/Date June 15, 1961연표보기 - Destruction of the memorial monument
    Related Matters Period/Date August 24, 1993연표보기 - Establishment of a new memorial monument for the Baekjo Ilson Grave
    Current location 586-1, Sangmo-ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Special Self-Governing ProvinceMap
    Characteristics Grave
A grave for the victims who were massacred while in preventive custody at the Moseulpo Police Station shortly after the outbreak of the Korean War

On August 20, 1950, civilians under the preventive custody of the Moseulpo Police Station were massacred at a Japanese colonial era ammunition storage site near the Seotal Oreum located in Sangmo-ri, Deajeong-eup. The bodies of the 132 victims were only collected on May 18, 1956, some six years after the incident. As it was impossible to clearly identify the victims, 132 large bones were collected and placed in a mass grave.

The grave was named the Baekjo Ilson Grave to denote the fact that “As these 132 different ancestors became one after having died together, their descendants all view themselves as having emanated from the same ancestors”.

The bodies of the victims were collected on May 18, 1956 and placed in a mass grave called the Baekjo Ilson Grave. The affected families formed an organization known as the Baekjo Ilson Bereaved Family Association. Although a memorial monument was established in the grave area on May 8, 1959, this structure was destroyed by the police on June 15, 1961, or shortly after the May 16th Military Coup. As a result, some of the affected families relocated the graves. A new memorial monument was established in the grave area on August 24, 1993. A Seotal Oreum massacre site was established on December 31, 2007. A joint memorial service has been implemented by the Baekjo Ilson Bereaved Family Association and the Manbaengdi Bereaved Family Association on July 7th (lunar calendar) since 2008.

The Manbaengdi Bereaved Family Association was composed of the families of 60 victims who were simultaneously massacred in the storage facilities of the Hallim Fisheries Cooperative and Mureung Police Station.

[Current State]
The Baekjo Ilson Grave is located at 586-1, Sangmo-ri, Daejeong-eup, Seogwipo-si on the southern edge of Sagyeri Cemetery. An information board and incense burning facility are also located in the area. The previous memorial monument has been preserved in a glass box that sits next to the existing memorial monument.

While on the front of the memorial monument one can see an inscription that reads, “Memorial Monument for Baekjo Ilson Grave”, on the back a list of the victims and the manner in which they died is visible.

[Significance and Evaluation]
This site, which was made possible by the ceaseless activities of the Truth Commission to unveil the truth regarding the civilian massacres that took place in the Jeju area, highlights the importance of human rights.

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