Cheonan Civic Choir

관련항목 페이징
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Chinese Characters 天安市立 合唱團
Field Culture and Education/Culture and Arts
Type Institutions and Organizations/Institutions and Organizations (General)
Area 343-1, Sinwol-ri, Seonggeo-gup, Seobuk-gu, Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do
Period Contemporary
Writer Lee Jinu

    [Detail Information]

    Characteristics Public Culture and Art Organization
    Founder Lee Geunhyeong
    Phone 041-521-6734
    EstablishmentPeriod/ Date March 1991 - Establishment of Cheonan Civic Choir
A choir group managed by Cheonan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

Cheonan Civic Choir was established to create Cheonan as a culturally competitive city in the globalization and localization era and to provide its citizens art and culture in the everyday life.

The Cheonan Civic Choir was created in 1991, appointing Professor Kim Jongsu from Hoseo University as the director. After that, it was led by Jeong Seungtaek, An Jaeseong (2007-2008) and Cha Yeonghoe (2008-2012).

The Cheonan Civic Choir, which has led the choir world of Korea based on the Korean-style interpretation and creative planning of music language, is a choir art group composing of the specialized singers. It has played the leading role to develop the music art, which made the everyday life of Cheonan citizens based on the regular performances, planned performances, educational performances, and travelling performances for the alienated group. Especially, it contributed to the establishment of Cheonan as an international cultural and art city based on the exchange programs with the other cities and provinces of the United States and France.

The Cheonan Civic Choir provides an opportunity to share the aesthetics of choir with the audiences from the development of new repertoires and musical imaginations. These efforts have brought about the inspirations to many musicians and people.

It has received the refreshing jolt and complimentary reviews through the performances when it scouted Cha Yeonghoe as the director of the Cheonan Civic Choir in 2008. It has been beloved by the citizens and manias with the beautiful harmony based on the trust and communication between the members.

[Current State]
The Cheonan Civic Choir is composed of 50 members centering on the director Cha Yeonghoe in 2012.

[Significance and Evaluation]
Choir is an art to be expressed with human voices, which does not have any obstacles from places. The Cheonan Civic Choir has actively involved with the various performances in the everyday life of Cheonan citizens.

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