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Chinese Characters 于山國
Field History/Traditional Period
Type Geographical Names/Ancient Geographical Names
Area Ulleung-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
Period Ancient/Three Kingdoms Period/Silla
Writer Kim Hodong

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    Type A small country
    Related Literature History of the Three States (Samguk sagi), Memorabilia of the Three States (Samguk yusa), History of Goryeo (Goryeosa)
The ancient marine kingdom of Ulleung-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

Usanguk appeared for the first time in the History of the Three States, Chapter 3, Annals of Silla (Silla bongi), Isabu part of 44 biographical books. Its name did not next appear until the fall of Silla in the time of Goryeo King Hyeonjong, so it is hard to determine the origin of the name Usanguk from these fragmentary records.

Usanguk was established by natives who settled and lived on Ulleungdo Island for a long time. It was a very strong marine kingdom which even Silla struggled to subjugate after 512 (the 13th year of the reign of King Jijeung). In the beginning of the 6th century, Usanguk accepted Silla’s coercive compromise and paid tribute to Silla every year. However, Usanguk strengthened its marine power through Silla’s personnel and material support and ruled the East Sea. Even after it was conquered by Isabu, Usanguk ruled Dokdo Island, nearby coasts and even Takeshima.

On Ulleungdo Island, there are still piteous and touching tales expressing frustration and grief for the fall of Usanguk. Among them, the wedding story of King Uhae and Queen Pungminyeo which represents the alliance of Takeshima and the Japanese is representative.

From 1018 to 1022 (the 9th year to the 13th year of the reign of King Hyeongjong), Usanguk lost its ability to exist. Then Usanguk disappeared from history.

The History of Three Kingdoms (Samguk sagi) and the Memorabilia of Three Kingdoms (Samguk yusa) describe Usanguk a little differently. Isabu in the History of Three Kingdoms was called Park Ijong in the Memorabilia of Three Kings, and Haseula in the History of Three Kingdoms was written as Aseula in another record. However, it is clear that these two history books tell the story of the conquest of Usanguk.

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